2018. New Designers Award, Neo2. Madrid, Spain.

2017. Han, Miaw International Award, winner within the Wall light category. ArchiDesignClub. Paris, France.

2017. The Creative Award, The Creative Net, Barcelona, Spain.

2014. Maine, Record Products Competition by Architectural Record Magazine, winner within the Lighting and Electrical category. 

2013, september. Shortlisted Unique Youngstar at Garden Unique, Spoga+Gafa, Cologne, Germany.

2013, february. Bscooter, Lexus Design Award, Tokyo, Japan.

2013, february. Colección Savage, 1st Critics' Award Red Spanish Design Brands Association.

2012, december. Premio Injuve 2012, Madrid, Spain.

2012, july. O-cults and Mago Urban selection, 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, june. Folio, Bronze ADI medal, ADI-FAD, Barcelona, Spain.

2012. june. Orwell, ADI medal selection, ADI-FAD, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, may. Shortlisted for the redesign of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Torch, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, april. Folio, Design Plus award powerd by Light+Building, Frankfurt, Germany. 

Álvaro Goula / Pablo Figuera

Pablo Figuera (Madrid 1988) and Álvaro Goula (Barcelona 1989) are design graduates from Elisava (Barcelona) and Bachelor of Arts by the University of Southampton. After working for a few design studios, in 2012 they set up Goula / Figuera.

Since then, their work has been in the middle point between conceptual and commercial design, where the industry values and the creativity converge and feed back each other. When designing, Pablo and Álvaro hold from the beginning to an undeniable principle: the obsessive care about the object’s shape, which expresses aesthetic values through its material, the respect for the fabrication process and, of course, usefulness. Their works expect to be elegant and easy to understand, but always running away from funny references and superficial decoration.

Since 2013 they combine their studio work with teaching at the university. Their career has been recognised with a number of awards and nominations amongst which are noteworthy the Design Plus (2012), the Lexus Design Award (2013), the 1st Critics’ Award Red Spanish Design Brands Association (2013) and the Injuve Award (2012).  



Pablo Figuera (Madrid, 1988) y Álvaro Goula (Barcelona, 1989) son Graduados en Diseño por la escuela Elisava de Barcelona y Bachelor of Arts por la University of Southampton. Tras su paso como diseñadores por diversos estudios de Barcelona, en 2012 fundan Goula/Figuera, estudio de diseño de producto y dirección artística desde donde trabajan para empresas nacionales e internacionales.

A partir de 2013, a su trabajo como diseñadores se une su actividad docente en la universidad y a mediados de 2015, Goula / Figuera presenta Home Adventures, una nueva marca bajo la cual ponen en el mercado diseños experimentales que quedan al margen de su trabajo para otras compañías. Lines & Dots, una colección de luminarias modulares y primer producto de Home Adventures, es aclamado inmediatamente por la prensa y aparece en numerosas publicaciones de todo el mundo. 

Las trayectorias de Pablo Figuera y Álvaro Fernández-Goula han sido reconocidas con varias nominaciones y premios, entre los que destacan: Lexus Design Award (2013) I Premio de la Crítica Red-AEDE(2013) Design Plus (2012) y Premio Injuve (2012).


2019, June. Objectar el Món. Arts Santa Mónica, Barcelona, Spain.

2018, June. Perception, Ox Poblenou, Barcelona, Spain.

2018, May. Object Subject 01, Espacio 88, Barcelona, Spain.

2018, February. New Designers Award Neo2, Centro Cutural Galileo, Madrid, Spain.

2017, May. W.I.P. Festival Demo, Barcelona, Spain.

2016, June. Next Design Innovation, Barcerlona Design Week, Barcelona, Spain.

2016, April. Next Design Innovation, Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy.

2015, December. Poder Ser exhibition at Dhub, Barcelona, Spain.

2013, september. Unique Youngstar exhibition at Garden Unique, Spoga+Gafa, Cologne, Germany.

2013, april. Lexus Design Amazing. Museo della Permanente, Milan, Italy.

2013, april. Átomo 3 Producto. Espacio Mutuo, Barcelona, Spain.

2013, february. Product Design Madrid. COAM, Madrid, Spain.

2012, december. Injuve. Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain.

2012, june. FADExpo. The best design of the year, Adi-fad, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, may. Elisava’s World. Elisava, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, april. Design Plus Awards Exhibition. Light+Building Fair. Frankfurt. Germany.

2012, april. Estocolmo de ida y vuelta, Galería Il·lacions, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, march. Boo in Barcelona. The youngest design producer. Otras Cosas de Villar-Rosàs, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, february. Young Designers from Barcelona. BCD.Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Stockholm, Sweden.

2011, noviembre. Éxits. Elisava, Barcelona, Spain. 


2019, June. "Good design is..." Barcelona Design Week, Disseny Hub, Barcelona, Spain.

2019, May. DesignPOP, Cork, Ireland.

2017, April. Making of... DEMO. Casa Camper, Barcelona, Spain.

2016, January. Round Table Medalles ADI: Una oportunitat de futur, Barcelona, Spain.

2014, Octubre. De les Tendències al Producte. Feria Ginteriors, Girona, Spain.

2013, april. La familia Folio y lo que vino después, Elisava, Barcelona, Spain.

2012, may. The Making of Folio Lamps, ADI-FAD, Barcelona, Spain. 

2012, february,  Escandinavian design versus Mediterranean design. Round table organized by Bacelona Centre de Disseny and Svensk Form. Instituto Cervantes, Stockholm, Sweden.

2012, february. Pecha-Kucha night at Berns Hotel, Organized by Svensk Form, Stockholm, Sweden.

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